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E=mc2:Mathematical Proof of the Reality of God

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    Will someone help me to answer these questions?

    Does energy contain intelligence?

    I was reading <LINK REFERENCE DELETED> an experiment based off an 1803 experiment done by Thomas Young... that suggests that atoms are able to do rudimentary thinking.....

    If energy cannot be destroyed... then do we believe that it still exists? where? in what form?

    Does energy transform? Can energy grow? Meaning can it improve upon itself...

    Once there is consciousness... can this consciousness develop? Meaning show progression? How can it know what stage is next?

    If one studies physics there are properties that matter must adhere to.. if we are shown that at the most rudimentary level there is Order, then where do THOSE laws come from and can they EXPAND? And how is progression KNOWN? how is the next step KNOWN?

    At any rate... I was reflecting on how energy turns into matter <LINK REFERENCE DELETED> how energy increasingly moves towards the speed of light accumulating mass to a point where it becomes extremely dense and freezes... right before it reaches the speed of light and is called "rest energy".... this is termed the "gamma factor" (light barrier)... it is at this point that it just appears frozen... but it actually is moving infitesimally (sp) slower.... All matter is frozen energy... And light is so extremely heavy it is subject to gravity...


    Maybe its the girly poet in me... but.... I couldn't help but relate this to our process of spiritual evolution...

    Our journey affords us with trials... the lessons of which are not seen... but accumulating.... the breakthrough point is where in the trial we tend to break down... the break down before the transformation of the personality... ummm of the psyche...

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    Nobody knows what consciousness is, except that it isn't some single thing, but a very complicated assemblage we don't understand. Yet.

    Keep your speculations within the realm of reason, or this thread will soon be locked.
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    I wasn't trying to be unreasonable.... these are actual questions... I asked these questions here because I thought they would be more readily answered among those who already study physics....

    If my reasoning is faulty, please show me where... I am not here to disrupt but to learn.... I am admittedly very ignorant of physics and philosophy in general... but have a good grasp of things once I'm set in the right direction....

    Locking thread is alarming to me... if what I have posted is unreasonable, at least direct me to another forum or book or person that can be helpful...

    Is it the religious nature of the link? I am reading the book and it sparked questions that is all... Are my questions not formed properly?

    I suppose the just of my questions can be summed up by asking what is consciousness.... but isn't that in the realm of philosophy? The author had a physics based explanation for it... rather than go to a religious forum where they will quote scripture I wanted to ask minds that would give me objective and rational reasons....

    I'm out of line for this?

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    Hi Asia,

    It's wonderful that you are curious about consciousness and intelligence, however, as you are beginning your studies you need to be very cautious about getting bad information. There is a lot of pseudoscience out there that can mislead you. These authors take nuggets of truth and twist them to suit their own agendas. ex. What if I were to tell you that microwaves possess intelligence because they are smart enough to heat up my food. Would you believe me?

    The best way to avoid getting misinformation is to get a solid education in the basics of science. Biology, physics, and chemistry studies will help you in laying the groundwork. Knowing the fundamentals will help you avoid getting fooled by overly speculative materials and junk science claims.

    I am deleting your link because it is not a reputable source of information and could confuse people reading this forum. As a rule, We don't allow overly speculative posts. Questions need to be grounded in well-established information and posed with good reasoning. This thread will also remain locked as it doesn't meet the standards for discussion in the forums.

    PF Philosophy Forum guidelines:
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