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Ebook about the dynamic analysis of a bar mechanism?

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    Do you know an ebook about the dynamic analysis of a bar mechanism?Thank you.
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    Re: Ebook

    what is bar mechanism??
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    Re: Ebook

    A bar mechanism is something like that!Maybe I didn't name it right!

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    Re: Ebook

    seems like a crank and slotted lever mechanism, but it has one extra link and I cant figure out which point is the slotted link pivoted!!
    You can do dynamic simulation of kinematic chains in Inventor. I think I have simulation for crank and slotted lever mechanism(tell me if you need it).
    For theory, I had a book Theory of Machines, shigley(I don't remember the full name) and I have Theory of Machines,Thomas Bevan. It has a nice qualitative and quantitative description for kinematic chains
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    Re: Ebook

    If u have these books as ebooks,could you send them to me?
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