What is Dynamic analysis: Definition and 18 Discussions

Dynamic scoring is a forecasting technique for government revenues, expenditures, and budget deficits that incorporates predictions about the behavior of people and organizations based on changes in fiscal policy, usually tax rates. Dynamic scoring depends on models of the behavior of economic agents which predict how they would react once the tax rate or other policy change goes into effect. This means the uncertainty induced in predictions is greater to the degree that the proposed policy is unlike current policy. Unfortunately, any such model depends heavily on judgment, and there is no evidence that it is more effective or accurate.For example, a dynamic scoring model may include econometric model of a transitional phase as the population adapts to the new policy, rather than the so-called static-scoring alternative of standard assumption about behavior of people being immediately and directly sensitive to prices. The outcome of the dynamic analysis is therefore heavily dependent on assumptions about future behaviors and rates of change. The dynamic analysis is potentially more accurate than the alternative, if the econometric model correctly captures how households and firms will react to a policy changes. This has been attacked as assumption-driven compared to static scoring which makes simpler assumptions about behavior change due to the introduction of a new policy.

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  1. T

    How to calculate the speed of this umbrella extension arm?

    TL;DR Summary: Have a university project where we are calculating the speed of the arm at the end. I need some help on where to start on the calculations. We have tried to determine instantaneous center of rotation for the device. We want to find the linear velocioty of point B. There is a...
  2. mncyapntsi

    Object at rest hanging from two ropes

    Here is where I am at : 1- F(C2/P) > F(C1/P) must be true I believe this is false, considering the angle separating C1 from the 'ceiling' is bigger 2- F(C2) > 10 N may be true I believe this is true because F(C2) could be broken down into vector components which may go above 10 N 3- Vector sum...
  3. cianfa72

    Circuit theory - Resistor function for dynamic non linear circuits

    Hi, I'm reading the following paper (L. Chua) about the state-of-art of dynamic non linear circuit analysis -- Chua_Dynamic_Circuits I've a doubt about Theorem 2 on section 3.2 On the Existence of the Resistor Function that establishes sufficient conditions for the existence of network...
  4. billy k

    Solving Impeller Analysis: 3 Unknowns & 0 Inlet Velocity?

    Hello there, I am trying to analyze an impeller i found at home (small one) so i can find the torque-speed graph. The thing is that i get stuck in an equation with 3 unknowns instead of 2 and i don't know what else to assume. My approach is as follows: I take the usual equation: ## M = \dot{m} (...
  5. Barath Kr

    How to apply moments in ANSYS Explicit Dynamic Analysis?

    Hello All, I want to apply moments to Revolute Joints in Explicit Dynamic Analysis. But i could not find any option to apply moments. I saw an youtube video, from which it is cleary know that it is possible to apply moments to revolute joints under initial conditions. But i don't know how they...
  6. I

    Dynamic Analysis of a 5 DoF robot

    Homework Statement Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution I am confused as to where the ω3sin(θ)k term disappeared to? It is not included in the very last line? I asked my lecturer and he said it's ''constant'' but he kind of shrugged off the question. I understand everything...
  7. B

    Static and dynamic analysis of a crank with pedal

    Hi. me and my friend have a problem that we can't really agree upon. we are doing an analysis study on a bike's crank and pedal. the first picture shows how we put the force of 210 N. picture 2 shows how we used "fixed geometry" to lock the part in place. now, this is the static...
  8. N

    Dynamic Analysis Cantilever Beam (Staad Pro vs Analysis)

    Hello Phys Forum I’m trying to solve a dynamic problem that involves a cantilever beam fixed onto a support that experiences a time history load on the free end of the beam as shown below: / / /--------------------------------[] / / Cross section Beam is rectangular beam with 1m width and...
  9. H

    Dynamic analysis using finite element method- Help needed

    Dear all, I have written a code for dynamic analysis of a mechanical structure. My primary purpose is to find natural frequencies of the structure. When I test my code for a cantilever bar whose natural frequencies are known analytically, I found a big difference between the the first...
  10. S

    Guyan reduction for dynamic analysis

    Please cana nyone physically explain the meaning of Guyan reduction for dynamic analysis? I have an ide that it relates to the erduction in the degreeso f freedom of the structure for FE analsysis such that the model is still accurate but performs (in relation to the time required for completing...
  11. S

    Dynamic analysis: Effect of damping on frequency

    This is a fundamental question but will be grateful if helped. Please can anyone explain the effect of damping on frequency? Whether, damping increases or decreases the frequency and why? An explanation with a physical interpretation will be gratefully appreciated. Vishal
  12. S

    Scissor linkage: dynamic analysis

    Hi guys, I have a scissor linkage and I should calculate the force F for keeping the system in equilibrium in a specific position. The force must be applied in the the middle joint as you can see in the following picture: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/810/scissordisegno.png/ L...
  13. M

    Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades

    My Semester Project Is "Dynamic Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades" In ANSYS 9 Environment ... I've Modeled Wind Turbine 'Rotor Assembly' In Pro|Engineer And Successfully Imported Into ANSYS ... I've Practiced 'Static Analysis' Only In The ANSYS Environment ... So It Leaves Me With A ZERO-LEVEL...
  14. K

    Dynamic Analysis of Motion - Biomechanics

    Homework Statement A leg has a horizontal propulsive ground reaction force 200N and vertical ground reaction foce of 1200N applied to it. Draw a free body diagram. The leg has an acceleration of -4m/s2 in the x direction and 8m/s2 in the y direction. What are the horizontal + vertical...
  15. O

    Hi colleages. is Bernoulli-Euler theory valid in the dynamic analysis

    hi colleages. is Bernoulli-Euler theory valid in the dynamic analysis as following: M/EI=1/R where, M= moment EI=stiffness R= curvature is this equation valid when M becomes a function of x and t, as follows: M(x,t)/EI=1/R
  16. E

    Ebook about the dynamic analysis of a bar mechanism?

    Do you know an ebook about the dynamic analysis of a bar mechanism?Thank you.