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Effect of the raising operator on an l=1 m=1 state

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    Pretty basic question but I was wondering what the result of acting the raising operator on an l=1, m=1 quantum state for a hydrogen wavefunction would be.


    L+|1,1> = ?

    I know that normally L+|l,m>=hbar(l(l+1)-m(m+1))1/2|l,m+1> but I wasn't sure if the eigenstate remained the same (since m cannot be larger than l) or if it results in zero, like if you were to act the lowering operator on the lowest possible state.

    Thanks in advance!
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    it will be zero

    L+ on |L,L> = 0

    since M_max = L

    Same with L- on |L,-L>

    since M_min = -L
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    Much appreciated thank you!
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