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Egyptian mummies found with cocaine

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    I thought cocaine was indigenous to South America? How did it make its way to Africa?
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    Those darn aliens...who knew THEY were the original drug smugglers?

    It is perplexing.
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    lol, they build damn pyramids. Why couldn't they sail to america?
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    gravenworld, if you go to your link you'll see where you can view the first page of the article. There is a sentences in the introduction which I can construe by confirmation bias as a hint that they are considering this as evidence of old world/new world contact far before current estimates, though they don't explicitly say so:

    "Hence we have provided circumstantial evidence that some drugs had already been consumed in historic populations."

    Makes the coincidence of Egyptian and South American Pyramid architecture seem not so coincidental.

    Still, maybe there is a native Egyptian source for the same drugs?
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    No opiates were found? Seems odd since Egyptians were known to use opium.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think most dark, leafy greens have nicotine in them.

    How can you test positive for THC but not for opiates? I thought pot was an opiate?
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    THC is not an opiate.
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    Facial features found on statues of pre-Columbian Olmec civilization in South America closely resemble that of native Africans, where as facial features of Mayan or Aztec is totally different. So it's entirely possible, they could have sailed from Africa to South America thousand years before the vikings or Columbus.
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    In addition to Kon Tiki, you may know Thor Heyerdahl did and experimental voyage from Egypt to South America in a reed boat. As I recall, it didn't quite make it, but came close enough that it was completely feasible that, with some improved engineering such a voyage was realistic.
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    I think I saw that on the History channel, but didn't remember if he made it.

    If the ancient explorers had a capability to sail back and forth between the continents to trade, they must have been a sufficient sea faring civilization back in Africa. The only empires at the time were the Egyptians and Nubians to the south of Egypt. But I guess archaeologists haven't found more evidence to prove where they originated.
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    in addition, i've seen plenty of southeast asians with features i'd characterize as "african". and some of the south pacific islanders were expert sailors.

    i'm pretty sure that tobacco in mummies is really old news. first i've heard of cocaine. but the existence of pyramids in south america makes it easy to believe there was cultural contact and trade during the time of the pharaohs. also, the americas are sometimes speculated as the source of the Atlantis legend, and there is some evidence that fairly sophisticated civilizations existed long before european settlers arrived.
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    D H

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    Funny. Elsewhere on PF there is a new thread on necromancing old threads. This is another new thread that is necromancing an old (widely regarded as) crackpot ideas.

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    This statue could be of a pacific islander, yes.

    Since Atlantis sunk I find any above sea level land not to be credible as the source of the legend.

    Do you mean tobacco or nicotine in mummies is old news?
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    Necromancing and mummies. Where's the surprise?
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    you are right, it could be completely false. or sinking could be a metaphor. or atlantis could be something else altogether.

    i just have an old faded memory. i remember it being presented as tobacco, but that could simply be someone else's overeagerness to see nicotine as tobacco.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was looking around and found other people asking if it was true that dark leafy greens contain nicotine. What motivated my comment was a news report that specifically addressed this issue, so, dunno; doesn't seem to be true.
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    Regardless, your quote indicates that both the cocaine and nicotine could have come from the same plant source.
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    And I thought that the world's leaders didn't start doing coke until the latter 20th century, how naive of me!
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