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Einstein podolsky rosen bridge

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    where can i found study books about einstein podolsky rosen bridge ?
    can i get names of books that explain the theory of einstein podolsky rosen and worm hole

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    You're not finding them because you've confused two totally different things:

    1.) A very famous paper attacking Quantum Mechanics for non-locality called" EPR which is short for, "Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen." This has NOTHING to do with "wormholes".

    2.) An "ERB" or "Einstein-Rosen Bridge" is a hypothetical non-traversable (even by a single photon or neutrino) wormhole within a Kerr Black Hole.

    In short, if you search online for "Einstein-Rosen Bridge" (Rosen, as in Nathan Rosen) you'll have more results (most of them pure crap) than you can shake a stick at.

    Be careful, there is a LOT of pseudoscience out there regarding "wormholes", and what they MIGHT be like, IF they exist. If you have not already, may I suggest studying more basic concepts in Relativity?

    Oh... that's the other thing, an ERB is a solution in General Relativity, not Quantum Physics.
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    umm what u say is basiclly is to google it but there is nothing good enough?

    ERP is the gate for other dimenstion isn't it ?the worm hole is the hole that opend to move an object to another dimnestion.
    ectually the experiment that was yestrday in Switzerland about the partical accelrator is Designed to test the theory ?

    ERP is realtivy physics? in what courses studying it?
    for B.sc physics or any engenneer?

    what do you think , is there another dimenstion out there?
    i always says that all the scient fiction that made in the 70 80 90 will Implementation .
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    Um, the paper goes by "EPR" not "ERP", but don't worry about that. You're right however that the EPR paper was BY Relativity, essentially questioning the validity of Quantum Mechanics.

    A wormhole is a very vague term, but in the context of an ERB... if you could go through it (and you can't) it would connext two parts of this universe. You wouldn't end up in another dimension in the sense that "Dimension" is used in popular culture.

    In science ficiton, wormholes are usually depicted (semi-realistically) as a means of avoiding Time Dilation and Differential Aging, but you still get from point A to B faster than light can. Relativity is based on light having a constant speed in a vacuum ("c"), so this would be a problem!

    For example, imagine that 5 light years from earth, there is a race about to begin. The light you're seeing on earth has taken 5 years to travel to you, correct? So, if you were to INSTANTLY appear at the race faster than light... you'd be in what you would think of as your own past, and this leads to a problem. What if, in an example similar to one Stephen Hawking uses, you then took your instant wormhole back to your starting point on earth?

    Well, now you could place a bet in the SURE knowledge of who would win the race at point B, having been there. This, is frankly "not allowed", as all observers all across the universe must "agree on the laws of physics" and that most definitely includes Which event predeeded Which (Causality).

    For this reason, it's believed that either wormholes don't exist (they're a possible solution, and don't HAVE to exist, even ERBs) or that nothing can pass through them.

    A dimension as used in science, and not in films and fiction, isn't a new "place" or reality either. Hight is one dimension. Length another. Width is a third. Time is a fourth. So, we have 3 dimensions of space, and one of time (called 3+1 sometimes). Now, if there is a multiverse out there, I don't know if you could construct a wormhole to an alternative reality or universe. There are theoretical constructs such as a so-called "Alice Handle", but this it gets complicated and technical.

    Remember, wormholes, if they exist, would mostly exist past Event Horizon of a Black Hole, so the entire concept of using them for travel is fanciful. Fun, and useful in literature, but fanciful. Be glad too, because what would a universe with endless "time loops" (Closed Time-Like Curves) be like? Nothing a human being could live in I think, or want to live in at least.

    As for any relation to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva... they're not trying to do anything with wormholes. They're... well... think of it this way: They're taking basic componants of matter and SMASHING them into each other headlong at high energies (really fast). The information is then gleaned from looking at the "explosion" (Hadron Jet) which might show something new. Some particles can only be studied in miniscule moments of partial freedom (Quarks for instance) and this has lead to QCD (Quantum ChromoDynamics), and the formulation that Electricity + Magnetism + The Weak Nuclear Force at high energies unifies into the "ElectroWeak Force" much as Electricity and Magnetism are unified into Electromagnetism.

    Finally, I think you might want to start a thread under "Academic Guidence" https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=139 in this forum. Experts (I am not an expert in this) can help you figure out if this interests you, and of course, what course of study would lead to your chosen specialty. A simple answer is: EPR is a paper FROM Relativity adressed TO Quantum Physics. Anyway, Academic Guidence is definitely what you seem to be looking for, and they do it well here!
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