Electromagnetic paper Recycling system( photo-chromic or thermo-chromic inks?)

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Hi Everybody :)

Recently I have been thinking on the concept of reusing paper instead of recycling it by using a special kind of photo-chromic ink,
as chemistry is not my profession ia m writing here just to have your opinions about viability of this concept:

what is the concept about?
Concept of Electromagnetic erasing system is inspired from observation of destructive effects of electromagnetic radiation on color pigments. While ink & pigment producers try to increase resistance of pigments in prolonged exposure to sunlight, this project aims to utilize electromagnetic radiation in a fully controlled reaction inside a machine to break the bonds of color pigments that absorb only a particular range of electromagnetic spectrum. In order to have an efficient system only those CMYK pigments should be utilized that their absorption band is different from paper. In this case, in a similar way as a photochromic or thermochromic material, color pigments start to decompose into colorless products however in contrary to what we expect from a photochromic change, electro erasing would be an irreversible reaction.
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Would it also take out coffee stains, greasy smudges, carbon particles (black ink)?
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Sounds like a good idea, but a couple of points to highlight:

1. Does the cost of such a system (and any required materials - special ink etc) come in under current paper costs?

2. I've never seen a piece of paper survive in a reusable condition once it has been written on. You always get dog-eared corners, slight creases etc. Would your machine be able to deal with this? Otherwise you're going to be giving out some rather shoddy paper, and see a rapid degradation with each consecutive use.
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I have deleted link to the blog and too large pictures, I wonder if we will ever hear from Mosen, or was he only spamming the forum.
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1- the cost of system wouldn't be less than conventional one,its so soon to talk about price. I even don't have a clue yet if it is practically realizable concept or not, that's why i wrote here since you guys might know more than me about it...

2- the problem of dog-eared corners is not a problem at all, we all see many printed papers in offices that apart from the written media are in quite good condition, but we can not use the due to the written ink. the problem might be the damage of the electromagnetic radiation on texture of paper ... that's right and to avoid that the paper pulp must be different from normal paper,
technically the absorption band of paper must be different to the one of the ink to get the best result without damaging to the paper.

by the way, sorry for the late answer, I go disappointed of getting an answer from the thread after some days, and didn't check the thread till today.

@ Borek
i don't get the reason to delete the link and Picture because of my delay in replying someone else.
since it might help reader to understand the concept.
without link and picture you already made this thread a spam one.

here is the http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/01/11/dont-shred-your-paper-disappear-your-ink/" [Broken]for other users who might need more info...

@ chemisttree: no it wouldn't clear coffee and etc.. it requires using particular inks...
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