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Elementary Question on Relative Density

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    50g of sulphuric acid of relative density 1.84 are mixed with 50g of water, and the relative density of the mixture is found to be 1.40. Calculate the contraction in volume which has occured? My attempt follows.

    R.D., = density of acid/density of water => density of acid =1.84g/cm^3.
    A R.D., of 1.40 => a density rho = 1.40g/cm^3.

    100g divided by 1.40g/cm^3 = 71.429cm^3.

    The contraction in the volume is 28.571cm^3 per 100cm^3 of the mixture!
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    What's the initial volume of the dry acid? (It's not 50 cm^3).
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