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Homework Help: Elimination reactions of Haloalkanes. Help!

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    I was doing a question on elimination reactions of haloalkanes. Could someone help me out?
    The question: "3-Bromo-3methylhexane rapidly undergoes elimination when boiled with ethanolic potassium hydroxide. Write the structures of the FIVE alkenes which might be formed, & name them."

    OK so the alkenes that I got are:
    >3-methyl hex-3-ene
    >3 methyl hex-2-ene

    Now you could get geometric isomers of the above two which gives a further four possible products:

    >Cis 3-methyl hex-3-ene
    >Trans 3-methyl hex-3-ene
    >Cis 3-methyl hex-2-ene
    >Trans 3-methly hex-2-ene

    Summing it all up, chances are that you get 6 possible products. Am I right
    ? :uhh:
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    Not really. Notice that cis and trans 3-methyl hex-3-ene are isomers of the same compund. So why do you count cis, trans and 3-methyl hex-3-ene?
    Also, I think there is one more alkene you missed which is theoretically possible.
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