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News Embattled DEA chief to resign following ‘sex parties’ scanda

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    Free drugs and prostitutes... who could refuse. Really. If you are in that "business" and you refuse you have certainly brought attention to yourself. None of us will really ever know the truth I fear... but with all the realistic TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy and another I forgot the title of in which a low end drug producer is caught and turned undercover agent who infiltrates and makes VP of a biker gang, while the "feds" keep jerking him around. If you don't act and live like these guys you wouldn't live very long.

    P.S. "The Beast" belongs in that list for sure, R. I. P. Patrick Swayze.
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    I didn't get the impression these were undercover DEA agents. It seams that the cartel or cartels were/are giving them gifts and buying them prostitutes precisely because they are DEA agents, i.e., bribery. The reporting is primarily focusing on the sexual misconduct aspect, and ignoring the more serious issue of the relationships that the DEA has with some cartels ( corruption ). Of course that part is probably top secret, but it just looks real bad to me.
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