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Entanglement of Higgs boson to explain dark energy

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    Sorry in advance for this probably stupid question.
    If there is entanglement is there not entaglement for all particles.
    If so, could there not be entanglement for the Higgs boson, and therefore our own gravity, could have an equal and opposite force, both combining for a net effect of enlarging space.
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    I have to say, it sounds to me like you are just stringing together a bunch of scientific words.
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    Seconded. I can't understand what the OP is even asking.
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    OP is assuming that all particles can be entangled together.

    He then states that if this is true, Higgs Bosons can be entangled together as positive and negative particles combining to have a "neutral" effect of causing the expansion of space.
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    Closed, pending moderation.

    Please review the PF Rules, if you haven't, and pay attention to our policy on speculative posts.

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