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I Entanglement & Spooky Action at a Distance Question.

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    Hi ,

    I know that Entanglement arises naturally when two particles are created at the same point and instant in space."

    Therefore should not all particles in the universe have already been Entangled?have not they all created at the same spot?as they have all created in the big bang? and accordingly everything in the universe already follow that rule and cause?

    Hope it is clear

    Thanks in advance .
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    The big bang did not occur at a single location in space. As we run the clock back in our model of the universe, we find that the density of the universe approaches infinity everywhere at the same time. The resulting "singularity" occurs at all locations, not just one.
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    Thanks for that, I understand that photon is just one of a class of particles, called the bosons, and bosons just after the big bang were so energetic that they could decay into much more massive particles such as protons ,so the mass in the universe came from such decays? yet that defines that all particles eventually came out from the same pattern? or I am confusing myself! I mean they all were instantly light(Bosons)?

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    Instead of starting at the big bang and looking forward in time, I recommend starting at the present and looking backwards in time, as that is how we gather our data to make the theories and models used in cosmology. When we look backwards in time, we find that the average density and temperature of the universe increases the further back in time we go. At a certain point the density and temperature are high enough to form a plasma of ionized protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons. Further back the density and temperature is even higher and it is believed that bare quarks or particles more massive than protons and neutrons existed for a short time, decaying into photons through annihilation or other decay methods and then being created from photons again. Beyond this point in time our models generally break down and we cannot make accurate predictions. But, note that at no time are there ever only bosons existing. There is always a hot, dense plasma of many types of particles.
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    Entanglement also arises naturally when two particles interact (e.g., by collision).
    Pure wavefunctions of two or more particles with any correlation whatsoever must be entangled.
    Interactions can also decorrelate particles as well.

    On to wild speculation...
    Assuming it makes sense to apply quantum formalism at cosmic scales, and If the quantum state of the Universe was initially in a pure state, then it would remain in a pure state for all time since it would have nothing else to interact with... probably.
    Any correlations between the particles the universe is made of would then signify entanglement of the Universal wavefunction.
    That said, the quantum state of just a group of particles in this universe may be a pure state, a mixed state, an entangled state, or any other kind of state. The Universal entanglement would only be found by looking at the quantum statistics of the rest of the universe.
    It's interesting to think about, if hard to verify.
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