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? Error: Missing MATLAB operator

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    ??? Error: Missing MATLAB operator

    Hi I am trying to run a program (My version of matlab is 7.01(R14))
    called FindPeaks.m

    function [peaks]=FindPeaks(fname)

    eval(['load fname.dat -ascii'])
    eval(['timedata=',fname,'(:,1);']); % log10 scale !!!

    then I enter my file which doesn't have any extension:

    my file name is: sam_2mem_e1.FLT.a.171

    ??? Error: Missing MATLAB operator.

    Error in ==> FindPeaks at 5
    eval(['timedata=',fname,'(:,1);']); % log10 scale !!!

    Thank for any suggestions
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    Re: ??? Error: Missing MATLAB operator

    try writing its type as extension............
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    Re: ??? Error: Missing MATLAB operator

    You're trying to apply the (:,1) slice operator to a fname, which is a string, not a matrix. Throw a 'whos' in there and look at the types.

    - Warren
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