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Human Voice Spectrum using Matlab

  1. May 9, 2010 #1
    Hi, I'm trying to compare the spectrum of male and female voices using Matlab.
    I'm using this code but I get this error:
    Warning: SPECTRUM is obsolete and will be removed in future versions.
    Use the spectrum objects instead, type "help SPECTRUM".
    > In spectrum at 106
    In fft at 6
    ??? Error using ==> plot
    Vectors must be the same lengths.

    Error in ==> fft at 14
    I heard that even though 'spectrum' is obsolete it should still work ok.
    But I'm not sure how to plot the frequency domain using plot(Freq,10*log10(Y/max(Y))); even though they are different lengths, (which I assume they should be since my lecturer gave me this code).

    Here's the .m file:

    1. % Record sound and do spectrum analysis
    2. Fs=8000; %sample rate used is 8kHz
    3. N=Fs * 10; %the total number of samples in 10 secs of data
    4. FFTsize=1024;
    5. y=wavrecord(N,Fs); %collect your data
    6. Y=spectrum(y,FFTsize); %compute the spectrum of your data
    7. Freq=[10:Fs/FFTsize:Fs/2]; %frequency scale
    8. Time=[1:N]/Fs;
    9. subplot(2,1,1);
    10. plot(Time,y);
    11. ylabel('Amplitude'); %label the y axis
    12. xlabel('Time(s)') %label the x axis
    13. subplot(2,1,2);
    14. plot(Freq,10*log10(Y/max(Y)));
    15. ylabel('Spectrum(db)');
    16. xlabel('Frequency(Hz)'); %label your x axis

    Hope you guys can help.
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  3. May 17, 2010 #2
    In line 6, you have to get frequency as second output like this,
    [Y, freq]=spectrum(y,FFTsize)
    Now in line 14, if you plot this freq instead of Freq you will get the desired spectrum.
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