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Estimating force required in a hand operated plunger

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    In the image attached, you can see a hand operated plunger for making String hoppers. The handle is rotated and the screw descends and plunges into to canister containing the batter.

    To mechanize this process, one can use a linear actuator, but the catch is estimating the linear force required.

    Can anyone provide some ideas to this?
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    You can find an upper limit by finding a typical person's arm strength then converting that to torque and to linear force.

    Are you not able to measure the force on the handles?
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    I majored in electronics, not mechanical engineering, so I am a novice to measuring forces.

    Finding out average man's arm strength can be done.

    How do I measure the force on the handles? Can you suggest which measuring instrument to use?
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    You could use two force meters like this, and have one person pull each handle with one, then sum them.

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