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Examples of Politics and Physicists

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    (Note: This is probably the wrong place for this, but I wasn't sure where to post this)

    What are some examples of when politics and physics research coincided or had strong direct impacts on each other?

    For example:
    Napoleon and Laplace/Poisson
    Catholic church and Galileo
    WW2 and the Manhattan Project

    I'm just curious for some more examples.

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    Physics research for nuclear weapons continued to be a political controversy for decades after WW2. And there is the Space Race.
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    WW2 Allied mathmeticians like Turing worked on decoding the German Enigma machine.
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    Ancient History, Roman & Medievals:
    Chariots, Greek fire, quicklime, missile/siege equipment like catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, mangonels. (I've played a lot of Rome & Medieval Total War :biggrin:).
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    Albert Einstein did a fair amount of fund raising for Israel.
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