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Exotic particles from Casimir?

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    I have read in popular literature that it is hypothesized that one could shoot particles through a pair of plates which are under the correct conditions to produce the Casimir effect, and that these particles would exit as exotic particles. Being a popular account, it was as low on detail as on trustworthiness, but I presume the author got the idea somewhere. So, (a) is that a serious hypothesis, and if so (b) in what way would the particles be exotic, and why?
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    Exotic particles, as that term is normally used, means particles that are not actually known to exist but are hypothesized to exist. You reckon if there were some valid experiment to produce them that this wouldn't already be big news in the physics world?

    Possibly the author had some less restrictive definition in mind.

    See, that's why this forum has a rule that you need to product citations, not some vague statement like "I read somewhere ... " or "I have read in popular literature that it is hypothesized that ... " or stuff like that.
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