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Expansion of the Universe Violates Conservation of Energy?

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    If the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is driven by the vaccuum energy 'created' by newly-formed space, what is the counterpart of this energy? Is it a net surplus energy injected into the universe and not converted from another pre-existing form of energy? In that case, is the conservation of energy actually violated at the cosmological level?

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    I don't believe there really is a solid solution for this problem yet... Or is there?
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    The conservation of energy as a law is not applicable in a cosmological sense. There are a number of very good FAQs on this site so I will not elaborate too much.
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    The vacuum in space is in equilibrium. The "power" of a vacuum can only be found within an atmosphere, where it simply replaces that which was used to create it.
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    where is this newly formed space coming from, the extra dimensions?
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