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Experimental verification of indistinguishability for free particles?

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    Does anyone know a link to a paper talking about the experimental verification of indistinguishability of some free particles? For example showing it for free neutrons or something.

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    I think there is indirect evidence, namely that indistinguishablitity is built-in in the Fock-space construction, that this implies a certain state-counting and statistics (Fermi-Dirac or Bose-Einstein instead of Boltzmann) and that all results derived from it agree with nature.
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    Look for Coulomb or Mott scattering in quantum-mechanics textbooks. If it's a good book, they show the scattering of nuclei that are (a) distinguishable, (b) fermions, and (c) bosons. There you see a huge difference in the various (differential) cross sections due to Pauli blocking and Bose enhancement, compared to the case of distinguishable particles.
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