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Explain the mechanics behind this bizarre video

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    This building gets pulled down and in a weird unexpected kind of blast everything shoots out sideways.

    The guy holding the camera gets knocked out and the camera is just lying on the floor but theres nothing graphic in the video.

    My mind is blown trying to understand what happened and how everything shot out like 100ft sideways

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    The wall rotates when it's falling down, when the wall fragments when it hits the floor the rotation causes the fragments to be slung out?
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    It seems pretty clear to me. The section of building that came off hit on edge first, then flopped toward the camera and shattered into pieces.
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    I saw no good forthcoming as soon as the wall started peeling off with a rotation. Conservation of angular momentum is a nasty taskmaster.
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    Don't try this at home.:devil:
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    Someone died from that. It's easy to see how that could happen with those rocks flying at them so fast.
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    It's difficult to tell, but it doesn't look like they did any perforation along the left side of the piece they were trying to pull off. I would have at least cut straight up from the top of the rightmost window opening. It looks like that could have been a large contributor to the issue. The piece stays attached along the left side which causes it to start rotating the way it did.
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