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Family of bus-slaying victim sues suspect, Greyhound, authorities

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    Aren't those people acting crazy? How can anyone prevent those random attacks?

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    There is absolutely no screening for going on a bus in Canada. There probably should be some on those that are above an hour or two.

    My thoughts anyways. If you want homeland security, that's it.

    Note: This is probably what will have to be argued in court.
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    It doesn't look good to me - sounds scary.

    It's easier to have metal detectors at entrance doors but that I guess would cost lots of money.
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    A metal detector wouldn't pick up a ceramic chef's knife which are incredibly sharp.
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    I doubt their lawyer thinks they can win over a jury. I suppose the idea is to convince Greyhound that it's cheaper to settle out of court than to fight it.
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    Probably. They probably know the actual suspect has no money to offer to pay for damages, so the lawyer is going for the company to make it worth his/her expenses. :rolleyes:
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    And the lawyer is doing it for the free publicity, this should get them a lot of new clients.
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    In Canada, it's either free or you pay a lot. Lawyers here can't contract for a percentage of winnings. Definitely a good thing!

    It's most likely free in this case.
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    I hate america's court system. You can sue for anything. And I hate that expensive lawyers are better than cheap lawyers. It shouldn't be possible for one lawyer to be that much better than another. the law shouldn't be so malleable.
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    I'd take the more optimistic approach and believe them that the suit is simply to kick start the system into instuting some form of security measures. Granted, there is only so much that can be done, but something should be implemented. The aviation world usually needs the same thing to happen. The family is only asking for $150k. That's nothing.
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    IMO it would be more dangerous. Id be more concerned about getting stabbed waiting for a bus with no protection than getting stabbed on the bus. It is moreso when you are on your own at a quiet bus stop you are more likely to get attacked. You have to think of the greater good.
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    Can you sue a city for not protecting the public from being stabbed/mugged on a public sidewalk? There should be metal detectors on public sidewalks. Or random weapons searches then, right? Someday...
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    I had to wait for bus at remote locations around midnight time (for couple of times) but I never thought of getting stabbed.

    I think the best thing is to recognize psychological diseases before they do any social harm.

    That's what I am afraid about. People think with weapons and modern technology they are safe from bad people (all terrorists and other BS).
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