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Favorite songs (new thread)

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    I was looking for the previous "Best songs ever" thread, but it seems it is gone. So I boldly start a new one...

    The very talented 21 year old Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid:

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    FYI the last thread was taken down because I received a DMCA request. Share away again, but if I receive another I'll have to remove this thread too.
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    What a downer. Was it because of written content like lyrics? Because if it were to be about videos, then YouTube should have gotten it first.
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    Please excuse the long list.

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    I happen to have a sudden addiction to the song "Pray for me" written by Kendrick Lamar for the new Black Panther movie. The album has quite a few good songs. I'm usually not a hip-hop or rap fan, but the songs are mesmerising.

    Otherwise I would listen to songs by KSHMR, R3hab, etc.

    I simply cannot give one favorite song or artist.
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    Another song, powerful live performance:

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    I had to post this performance of "Strangers" by 21 year old Sigrid too,
    because I actually got goose bumps on my neck during the two choruses in this performance
    when I heard it a couple of minutes ago. It is not often this happens to me :woot:.
    (she won BBC Music Sound of 2018).
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    And some music from my home country :smile: :
    The powerful vocals of Marie Fredriksson/early Roxette in "Soul Deep" (1987):


    :)) :woot:
    Wow, I found a rare live clip with an amazing performance of the song here (starts at 2:45)
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    Here's my favorite version of a well known song:
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    There are so many good songs. I don't know what to choose, but I think Boston would have to be my favorite. I typically like classic and alternative rock with a few random songs sprinkled in.
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    I like this song. Its really cute.
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    This Requiem of Spirit version is too epic for this world.

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