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  1. KiwiJosh

    B Wavelength to Frequency Relationship in Musical Notes

    Hi people, So I've been digging into music theory and want to understand the basic reasons for how it is constructed. I've come across a particular relationship but I can't understand the reason it exists. A quick musical lesson: Imagine you've got a pure musical note: let's say C. From a low...
  2. bagasme

    Courses Learning the Italian Language in order to Learn Music Theory

    Hello, When I attend art course in high school, on (Western) Music Theory subject, there are a lot of terms in Italian, especially on tempo (largo, adagio, moderato, allegro), dynamics (piano, pianissimo, forte, fortissimo, crescendo, decrescendo), and curves (legato, portato, staccato). Is it...
  3. nomadreid

    I 1-dim Penrose tiling = "musical sequence"? Why?

    In several places (e.g., page 12 of, I have come across the aperiodic intervals in a one-dimensional Penrose tiling as "musical sequences". I do not see the connection between aperiodicity and music. The history of a fruitless but amusing search: (a)...
  4. A

    Which music do you dislike the most?

    If you were able to vote for a certain type of music that you dislike, which would it be? This poll is inspired by the fact that I never got back to sleep after being disturbed by yet another obnoxious person playing hip-hop in his car. I am happy to start the voting.
  5. DennisN

    Favorite songs (new thread)

    I was looking for the previous "Best songs ever" thread, but it seems it is gone. So I boldly start a new one... The very talented 21 year old Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid:
  6. G

    How harmonics are produced in a guitar string?

    My question is simply 'are all notes produced in a guitar produced by first harmonics?', but I will clarify what made me ask this question. Now, if you have a wave driver you can make several harmonics in a string by increasing the frequency of the machine. In a guitar string, however, it does...
  7. DennisN

    News R.I.P. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty, Rock Icon Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66 He did some amazing songs. Don't Come Around Here No More (1985) Free Fallin' (1989) Don't Come Around Here No More (Live, 2006)
  8. N

    I Question about finding resonant box dimensions

    Hello! I hope I'm in the right place for this questions. In short, I'm a musical instrument builder. I'm looking at placing a piece of wood above a closed resonator box. The box (also made out of wood) will have a hole in the top that is centered under the piece of wood. I know the material that...
  9. Comeback City

    Favorite Bands

    What's everyone's favorite band(s) around here? I recently got into hard rock and similar genres, and became a big Led Zeppelin fan. Besides them, I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Styx, and Def Leppard. All in all, though, LZ is my favorite band and my favorite song would have to be...
  10. A

    Is it possible to change the pitch of a voice?

    Yes, this is kind of a weird question to make, but I haven't found anyone discussing it so I decided to ask it myself. The question: Is it possible to change the pitch of a voice up two tones (for example), in order to create a harmonizer that has no electronics involved? The idea and where it...
  11. T

    I Sine Wave Frequency Bandwith

    So I am just working with a synth and I am having it create a single sine wave. I am then looking at the output on a db vs frequency graph and I would expect the db to only be reading at the frequency of that sine wave, but there are readings from 20 Hz all the way to 2k Hz sometimes(althought...
  12. M

    Production of Game Soundtracks

    How can game sounds tracks be produced? How can they found singer and lyrics for the games. How can the song and the music be in harmony with the game? I am also wondering about the lyrics and the singer of this game soundtrack. Thank you.
  13. R

    A Why don't bowed musical instruments deaden their sound?

    Horsehair is a string of tiny bead-shaped growths -- from what I have read. Even that slides over strings until rosin allows the "beads" to grab temporarily. But if one bead pulls and releases the string, wouldn't the other strings in the horsehair "hank" dampen that sound? It obviously doesn't...
  14. Avatrin

    Python Programming MIDI with Python

    Python is the only programming language I know, and I know there is a huge library of MIDI music out there. I want to play around with machine learning and algorithmic composition to see what I can produce. So, what books should I read to be able to do this? What I am looking for is: Books to...
  15. D

    I Musical Acoustics: Beats

    I have a question about 'beats' between two sound waves of slightly different frequencies. Basically, I think I understand everything on this page (and have read a few textbooks on this): . And in practice, I work with this concept all the...
  16. C

    About music, sounds and how they interact with the body

    First of all, Thank you very much for you time if you're reading my question. I just want to know how things work (i guess all of us), and some guidance will be more than welcomed. One of the questions that i have in my mind is: Could the sound waves (e.g:a song or a sound) make some...
  17. Avatrin

    Neural networks and music

    Hi What approach should I take if I want to try this with music? I know the mathematics that are needed to learn neural networks (from what I have read on websites like Coursera). Also, I know basic scientific programming with Python. I am willing to spend time to learn how to make the...
  18. Chrono G. Xay

    Calculate the 'Feel' of a Drumhead?

    As another of my personal music projects, I have wondered if it would not be possible to calculate the 'feel' of a drumhead (i.e. the amount of 'give' expressed as transverse displacement 'z' that an equally pre-tensioned circular membrane of radius 'r' experiences when struck on its plane at a...
  19. Telemachus

    Share the music you like!

    Well, I thought that this was a good idea. As there are people all around the world in here, from different cultures, I think that we could share some music in a topic like this, learn a little bit, and socialize in some way through music. I love music, I listent to all class of generes. In my...
  20. E

    Odd (pretty) waveform for third harmonic of violin E-string

    I lightly placed my finger a quarter of the length down the E-string of a violin and drew the bow, forcing the third harmonic. I used an oscilloscope app to look at the waveform. I got this unusually regular pure pattern...
  21. P

    Music about Physics

    I have recently found this song on Youtube called "Physicsmen"... Anyone knows other songs about Physics or Science in general?
  22. Stephanus

    Music interval

    Dear PF forum, Do anyone know, why music interval is always \sqrt[12]{2}?
  23. E

    Medical Why do we enjoy listening to music?

    I've been researching this subject for a little while. I'd like to hear your ideas, because the topic is widely discussed. So here is some part of my research which makes my opinion quite clear: "Sometimes we say , that one is moved by music. Of course, it does not mean for him/her to be...
  24. A

    Why are spherical instruments not more common?

    When it comes to waves, spherical harmonics are, like, da bomb. I'm no expert - probably obvious from the question - but it seem to me that an instrument which maximises the utilisation of harmonics/resonances would be spherical. And yet, I can think of no spherical instruments - the most...
  25. J

    Can a harmonic be louder than the fundamental frequency?

    This is not a homework question per se, but rather something I have come across during a homework project. Using Audacity, I recorded a few different instruments playing the same notes (investigating timbre). I noticed that (using a steel string acoustic guitar) the first harmonic at 131 Hz...
  26. hypnoticdesign

    Temperature and Pitch question

    So I've been researching into this a lot lately as I want to learn just exactly what pitch is coming from my speakers but I'm getting confused. If pitch changes with temperature/speed of sound and 1hz is always the speed of sound. Then when using a midi instrument or electronical instrument...