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Studying Feeling like I forget everything I learn

  1. Jul 31, 2016 #1
    Hi; I study mathematics/theoretical physics. I learn a lot of stuff (advanced math/physics theory); but after few month; feeling like I forget everything I learn. Why? for example; I am working 7/24 mathematics (in academic year); after I am resting in the summer. I do not read anything in the summer months. and then I feel like I forget everything when I start again study. Why? My motivation in this case does not remain. I feel very bad. also when I dont work (study) for a long time; then I feel reluctant when I want to study. in short; is this normal ? Thanks.
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    My opinon: That you forget stuff is normal. When you study over long periods, your brain gets used to analytical thinking and you get some important insights that help you to understand the subject. Both of these tend to stick in some way and you will feed on that later, even if you have forgotten most of the details. When you start researching you will naturally find that you have to review some things, but that it does not take even remotely as much time to relearn it as it takes to learn it from 0.

    No reason to feel bad. :smile: What I can really recommend is to try to get that big picture and connecting the basic ideas, details one can look up when they are needed.
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    You lost your shape when you stopped studying.

    Think: You train for a marathon for 8 months and then while you're in excellent condition, you give yourself a rest for 2 or 3 months. When this rest is over, you go back to your training - but you cannot make the distance of when you stopped for the 2 or 3 month rest.
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    Thank you for comments :)
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