Physics Feynman Messenger Lectures (via Microsoft)

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  3. Was just going to post this :) Yay for Feynman.
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    I came in to post this too. I only heard him speak from movies made later in his life, didn't realize his accent was this strong.
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    A friend of mine called me today to tell me about this. My wife and I are going to watch the first lecture tonight.

  6. Fantastic, I've always wanted to watch his lectures.

  7. Thanks for posting! I'm watching Feynman teaching Kepler's Laws right now! Thanks Microsoft and Bill Gates.
  8. Some for those who don't want Silverlight:

    Feynman: Quantum Electrodynamics n+part

    Richard Feynman - The Law of Gravitation n+Lectures+laws+gravitation

    Character of Physical Law - Richard Feynman n+part+lecture

    Richard Feynman - The Relation of Mathematics & Physics n+Lectures++Relation++physics

    Richard Feynman - The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures
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  9. very nice!
    thanks a lot, I am going to watch all of them!
  10. Already watched them all, I recommend!
  11. I just wonder if there are more than seven online lectures available...
  12. Wow - these are incredible. Always wanted to watch them, thanks for posting! :)

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    Bill Gates claimed that after watching these lectures himself he found them very interesting and wanted to make them available for anyone to see.

    So he purchased the rights to the films and put them online here:
    for anyone to view.

    The first one has some special features, I assume they are going to eventually add them for all the videos.
  14. That's pretty awesome of him
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