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Feynmania-fond/inspiring memories (and ask Wolram to start a blog)

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    Feynmania--fond/inspiring memories (and ask Wolram to start a blog)

    I'd like to share this.

    Thanks to Swans on Tea for the link

    When I came here to post this link----a wonderful bunch of remembrances of R.F. by someonew who worked with him in the 1980s and became friends with him----I was surprised to see a thread where Wolram was saying farewell.

    Here are my thoughts on that. which might not do much good to address directly to Wolram. Intractable and stubborn as he is. So I will say them to no one in particular.

    Wolram is a PF fixture with an original way of thinking that leads him to ask unusual questions and adopt unexpected viewpoints.

    I think it is not too much to say he is beloved.

    My guess is that the basic reason he is thinking of departure is because messageboarding with a large congenial community takes so much TIME and emotional energy. It can become a kind of addictive dissipation. So probably Wolram just wants to cure himself of web-dependency and put more time into realworld stuff.

    Someone who has influence with Wolram should persuade him to start a blog. then when he goes on line he only has to check ONE THING. He could share his outlook on the world that way without having to visit many different subforums.

    Maybe people would visit the blog and disagree with him and stuff, and maybe they wouldn't. Either way wouldn't take much time out of the day for Wolram. And it wouldn't leave such a big hole in the web for the rest of us.

    So if you have an special influence with him, please consider that possibility.

    Also, Wolram in my view is inappropriately honored as the "funniest". He may make funny remarks but his special talent is more complicated than that. I'd say he is the most skeptical and cantankerous. We could use more of that, not less.
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