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Find the %cl in original mixture

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    a precipitate of agcl and agbr weighs 0.4066gm on heating in a current of chlorine the agbr is conveted to agcl and the mixture loses 0.725gm in weight.find the %cl in original mixture

    i tried it from the reaction


    is the problem on limiting reagent?

    please help
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    On boy, you should get get bashed for that post.

    Your reaction is OK, this is not a limiting reagent problem. Think - you have 1 mole of AgBr - what is its mass? Once you convert it to AgCl - what is its mass? How does mass of 1 mole of salt change when converted? Can you calculate how many moles were converted, knowing what was the mass change?

    There is something wrong with your data. If you started with 0.4066 g, and you lost 0.725 g, mass of your sample after reaction is negative.
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    You should repost the question in the homework subforum.
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