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Finding mass of working fluid needed in a thermo cycle

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    This question is related to a project.

    I have the mass flow rate, RPM, and all other related information regarding a refrigeration cycle, does anyone have an idea on how can I estimate the total amount of working fluid I need to put into the device?

    In case this comes up: the device is going to be a cooling system put in the space suit/portable life support system (PLSS) which involves long tubing around the cooling garment that circulates the cool fluid and a few more tubing plus a compressor and heat exchanger in the PLSS.

    Thanks a lot!
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    You'll need to integrate ##\ \rho\; {\pi d^2 \over 4 } dl \ ## along the length of the tubing :smile:
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    Do you have primary and secondary circuits for the refrigeration or just one circuit ?

    In any case you need to allow for thermal effects and flexure .
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