Finding q to then raise an object, hoping someone can check this work

  1. I think ive got this but not 100% sure.

    if a horse can heat 11.6kg ice water T=273k to 355K in 2.5 hours how high could it raise a 217kg weight in 2.5 min?

    heres what ive done

    qp=mcp,sdt=(1.16E4 g)(4.18 J K-1g-1)(82K)=3.976E6 J

    (3.976E6 J/2.5hr)(1hr/60min)(2.5min)=6.627E4 J

    h=w/mg=6.627E4 J/((217 kg)(9.81m s-2))=31.1m

    does this seem legit? we working with all this rev/irr-rev work and transfer and im getting really mixed up by simple stuff but if p=const then it would be irreversible right?

    any suggestions would be great if im way off track

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  3. Borek

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    Looks OK to me (I haven't checked the numbers, just skimmed the logic), but your comment about reversibility/irreversibility makes me wonder if there is not some context to the question which makes it more complicated. But if treated literally as posted - its OK.
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