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Homework Help: Finding the freezing point of water at high pressures

  1. Jun 2, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Find the freezing point of water at the bottom of the ocean where the pressure is 32.52bar

    2. Relevant equations

    Clausius-Clapeyron equation in the form of:
    ln(p2/p1) = deltaHfusion/R * ((1/t2)-(1/t1))

    Where the deltaHfusion is 6.008*10^3 J/mol
    where the temperature of fusion (T1) equals 273.15

    3. The attempt at a solution

    this is what I did so far:

    ln(32.52bar/1.00bar)= (6.008*10^3 J/mol/8.314 J/K*mol) * ((1/t2)-(1/273.15))
    The first time I solved for T2
    But then I was thinking that I should have accounted for the density change but then I got stuck because I don't know how to account for this in the formula above, so should I do it before I use this formula.

    If someone could just help me with the steps of this problem I know that I can get the rest of it. I have hit a wall on where to go from here.
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    rude man

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    Where did this come from? If from pv = RT then it's not applicable since we're not dealing with an ideal gas.

    Work with the basic dp/dT = l/TΔv instead. Use definite integrals!
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