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Finite element method/crumple zones

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    I'm looking for information regarding the use of the finite element method (FEM) for crash test analysis and crumple zones? Basically I'm wondering what part of FEM do I use to make crash test analysis possible. I'm also looking for books on the subject or software libraries that can be used for it. Anything else would also help.
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    Non linear dynamics.
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    It's a very complicated problem. When things get into the crumble zone, the elastic limit of the materials is exceeded. The problem becomes highly nonlinear. Complicating all that is the fact that the nonlinear deflection equations are coupled second order differential equations due to the dynamics involved. It is not something you are going to learn in a week or two.
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    Explicit time-stepping FEM software, like ABAQUS Explicit or LS-DYNA, would be used for crashworthiness computation. The LS-DYNA Theory Manual can be found in .pdf form for free online. It's a good read. It assumes, however, that the reader has a basic understanding of FEM as well as some continuum mechanics. An engineer who focuses on crashworthiness would no doubt be expected to know plasticity as well (Von Mises yield surface, etc.).
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