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Forbes vs. Fortune vs. Business Week

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    Which would you rather read and why?
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    Re: Forbes vs. Fortune

    I don't like either, I think they perpetuate the idea that wealth equals happiness, but that's another thread altogether.

    What you want to read depends on why you are reading it. I will read Kiplinger's PF from time to time if I see something on the cover that I find interesting regarding financial advice. However, with the wealth of information available on financial matters online, I don't really see the need for finance magazines. As long as you are using common sense and going to the right websites, financial magazines aren't needed unless it is something you are really interested in.
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    For keeping up on a wide range of business issues and industries, I think BusinessWeek is the best of the 3 for meat and useful info. (It fits my interests better anyway.) Forbes generates provocative lists from time to time if you are into ranking things or comparing salaries and such - but nothing all that important for me.

    I think Fortune is just a doctor's office glossy with pretty pictures and mindless articles to read waiting for something - anything - like an airplane flight to be over and if the only other choices are outdated People mags.
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    If you have to read a financial I'd go with barron's. Or, better yet, forget the magazines and subscribe to Wall Street Journal.
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