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Foreign cells can they survive and divide using its own dna

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    If a foreign human cell is introduced into one's body by way of blood transfusion or through some other method could these foreign cells survive and take up host in their new environment ? So if a foreign nerve cell is introduced could this nerve cell take up host as a native cell where it can function normally ? Also would this foreign nerve cell eventually divide and copy its own DNA or will it be able to divide and copy the DNA of their new host (body) ?
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    Yes sometimes it is possible for somebody involved in a medical emergency to be helped by blood transfusion and skin grafts, kidneys and other transplants too.
    The donor has to be a close as possible genetically to the recipient, (ideally a twin).
    It can happen with transplanted organs that the recipient's immune system still rejects cells even from a quite close relative.
    Blood transfusions generally are OK, they keep the patient alive while their body recovers from trauma and generates it's own new blood cells.
    It doesn't matter that the transfusion blood cells eventually die, the patient lives.
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    Hello and thank you for the response. Can you tell me if two cells are both completely identical as to its type (say kidney or nerve) but only the DNA structure differs could this cell survive in a host (recipient) body ? May I ask what can be said about stem cells ? Stem cells are being used to generate an organ using foreign stem cells no ? If these foreign cells are being used to grow an entire organ then would these new cells differing only by DNA not survive ?
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