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Formatting of mathematical content

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    I would like to create sort of a spark chart where I put some formulas that I often forget etc...
    I usually would use LaTex or Lyx to write mathematical formulas; however, I have not found a easy way to do the formatting (place different "boxes" of equations to some arbitrarily defined place on the page, color, borders, etc..).

    Is there an easy way in LaTex I'm not aware of or can anybody recommend another program for such a task?

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    Well I aready googled and basically found the following advice

    A) Write it as a multi-column document (works reasonably well but isn't really what I want)
    B) Write a LaTex layout (which is pretty complex to begin with)

    Since neither of those is really a good solution I asked here.
    Maybe some knows a latex plugin for sort of a table based layout or can recommend another program.

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