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Changing the \subsubsection format in LaTeX

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to find out some way to change the \subsubsection format in LaTeX so that the number comes after the word "Definition" or "Theorem" etc. Now obviously, I could simply use \textbf{} and put my stuff in there and ignore the \section commands altogether, but then I would have to construct my own table of contents, and renumber sections as I insert new ones in between old ones.

    So my question is... is there any way to define a new command so that I can type something like this?


    and have it come out looking like this

    [itex]\text{Definition 1.1.1 } \mid \text{ function}[/itex] ?

    Any help would really be appreciated.

    Context: I'm making a personal encyclopedia of theorems/definitions/etc as I learn them, and trying to make it totally logically ordered and rigorous, which often involves inventing little lemmas to put in between previously recorded stuff, as many books gloss over important points in their proofs. (Much like what proofwiki does, only numbered with the previous theorems/definitions referenced by number in the proofs.)
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    I should also clarify that \subsubsection*{} is not the kind of solution I'm looking for, as I'm going to use \label and \ref to reference all of the numbers.. so they have to be numbered.
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    Look at the titlesec package.
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