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Foundations of Physics, the magazine, open access articles.

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    Hans de Vries

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    Doc Al

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    Thanks for posting this, Hans!

    (For anyone interested in the so-called "Free Will Theorem" and EPR, I recommend a look at R. Tumulka's article in the Feb 2007 issue.)
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    For those interested in relativity:
    Klauber: "Relativistic Rotation: A Comparison of Theories" in the Feb 2007 edition looks very interesting. :smile:
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    Information for authors.
    Two years ago I was send my article to Foundation of Physics.
    In the answer the editor asked me the names of five referee wich suitable in my opinion. I write the names of five and wait one year!!! When one year is finish I send E-mail to Editor and ask him What is with my paper. Yes or no?
    After that Editor answer me that my paper is not suitable. But one year is pass before I have the answer no!!! It is a black hole!
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