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Free Finite Element Analysis Software

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    Anyone know of some good, free finite element analysis software?
    I used NASTRAN in college, but from what I can tell that costs at least several thousand.
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    It depends. What type of problems will you be analyzing with the software?
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    Vibrational and stress analysis
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    Google has the answer:

    As for the "goodness" of each software, this is a subjective opinion, so you have to try some yourself. I guess all the above software's solves the equations in question in a proper manner so, the "goodness" may depend on GUI etc. And this is what you mainly pay for in a commercial software, so don't get your hopes to high when is comes to open source. But I might be mistaken.
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    Yes, I've searched via Google and come across the Wikipedia list before.

    I was looking for more personal recommendations based upon what people here have used instead of trying a dozen different programs. Just because someone is asking something, it doesn't mean they haven't done any looking themselves.
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