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Freshmen in college seeking advice

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    I'm currently in an engineering program and planning to go and get an electrical engineering degree. I realize that I may be getting ahead of myself, but I have been wondering what it takes to get into a postgraduate program for a master's degree. Currently I have been doing great in my courses, especially math, holding a 4.0 GPA (which I hope I can continue when the courses get even harder). I don't foresee my performance waning in the future since I love the
    material and classes so far.

    My main question is this: What exactly does one need to get into a good postgraduate program record-wise? What about extra-curricular activities if they still hold relevance in college? What about dream schools like M.I.T. , Stanford, etc.? I want to make a good run of college, and I don't want that to be the end. Thanks!
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    As said in about 7 zillion similar threads, "research, research, research". Preferably not of the showing up and getting coffee variety. It's great if you get published, but at least make enough of an impact in your research that your adviser can write you a decent recommendation. Remember, recommendations count for a lot in the grad school admissions process, so make sure your professors know who you are (for good reasons, obviously.) Build relationships with faculty and get out there. Extra-curriculars are sometimes a way to do this; one professor at my school recruits his undergrad research crew from students who are active in the club he advises.
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    Only extracurricular activities that are related to your field are helpful though, anything else will in no way help out for grad school. You should also try to get research internships because this will introduce you to new fields of research plus you will get to know another researcher who can write you a letter of recommendation.
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