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From Atoms to Quarks and Beyond: A historical panorama

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    This appears to be a rather useful overview of the history of high energy/particle physics. I glanced through it quickly, but can someone who is more familiar with this field of study verify that there's nothing obviously erroneous with this? If there isn't, this could be a very good intro to anyone wishing to go into this field.


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    Thanks for the link. We have a qualitative intro into elementary-particles this year. This might come in handy.

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    That article looks good to me, at least based on a quick skimming-over. I didn't see anything that clashes with what I remember picking up about the history of the field while I was a graduate student (late 1970s to early 1980s).
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    I glanced at it quickly, but it seems quite good. I'll try to read it more closely later.
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