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Gaus -jordan elimination compared to cofactor method

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    Hey guys i am stuck with the gaus jordan method of the following matrix.

    A = 1 2 3
    4 5 6
    3 1 -2

    For the co factor i worked out the C transpose as:

    1/3 (-16 7 3
    26 -8 6
    -11 5 -3)

    The gaus jordan is suppoesed to agree with my final cofactor matrix but i cant seem to understand how to get there?? i have donw the row eliminations to get the diagonal as 1 and the rest as 0.

    Add (-4 * row1) to row2

    Add (-3 * row1) to row3

    Divide row2 by -3

    Add (5 * row2) to row3

    Divide row3 by -1

    Add (-2 * row3) to row2

    Add (-3 * row3) to row1

    Add (-2 * row2) to row1

    But now i don't understand what i have to do now?
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    It would help if you actually told us what you are doing! The "Gauss-Jordan" method to do what? To find the inverse matrix?
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