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General Discussion Rules

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    In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge.

    Overly Speculative Posts

    It is against our Posting Guidelines to discuss new or non-mainstream theories or ideas that have not been published in professional peer-reviewed journals or are not part of current professional mainstream scientific discussion. Non-mainstream or personal theories will be deleted. Unfounded challenges of mainstream science and overt crackpottery will not be tolerated anywhere on the site. Linking to obviously "crank" or "crackpot" sites is prohibited.

    If these guidelines are not followed, the moderators will take swift and appropriate action. Any thread that requires repeated intervention on the part of mentors, regardless of the merits of the topic, may be locked or deleted at the moderator’s discretion, and without further explanation. In addition, if moderator action is required due to violation of any of the above forum-specific guidelines, the member committing the violation will receive a 3-day ban to “cool off” and a 5 point warning. All decisions on moderation are made at the discretion of the mentors/administrators of PF.

    Purely speculative or philosophical discussions are no longer permitted and may be deleted or closed without warning or appeal.

    News / Politics

    Starting a thread (read new politics guidelines)
    1) Provide a clear statement of purpose
    2) Link to a reputable news agency reporting the event
    3) The event must be current and reasonably news worthy for a general population
    4) No opinion, op ed, humor or editorial stories

    1) Politeness and respect for others is essential
    2) Show reasonable effort to provide sources for any factual claims
    3) Clearly state an opinion as such and not asserted as fact

    1) Due to the emotionally charged issues concerning Israel/Palestine conflicts, discussions on this topic are banned until further notice.
    2) Religious cartoons deemed offensive may be linked to (credible news agency) but not inserted into a post.
    3) Political posts outside of education and science policy are banned. If reporting a science or education policy news story be sure to avoid any party or politician politics or your thread risks removal.
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