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General purpose numerical Open Source sofware sought

  1. Sep 10, 2009 #1
    Hello, after having used Scilab for the longer part of a while by now, I'm looking to change over to a functionally more enhanced software but am not yet sure which to choose. I've more or less come down to a choice of four programs, of which I would like you to pick the one which you think is the currently most advanced. If however, you happen to have any other suggestion of an open source or free numerical or numerical and CAS software, go ahead with it.

    I hope a few can contribute to this topic although proprietary is more of a standard in the industry.
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    I think I've made my choice: ROOT.

    After trying it for less than an hour (trouble free installation from the ubuntu repositories) I've to say that I'm already more than impressed. It's at the same time very very powerful, flexible and on the other hand easy to pick up and well documented.
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