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General question, where can I learn about all the constellations and

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    General question, where can I learn about all the constellations and know the exact place where to look for a certain star?
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    Re: Constellations

    There are plenty of resources online that you can find through a google search, and there should be multiple books at any local bookstore dealing with the basics of Astronomy. Most stars visible to the naked eye should be able to be found in any star atlas these have. And if you know the name of the star, you can always just type it into google or wikipedia and it usually gives you the exact location in the constellations.
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    Re: Constellations

    Alright cool, thanks :)
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    Re: Constellations

    For beginners I suggest the Golden Guide series. Google search these terms and select a book or two:
    “golden guide stars constellations”

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