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Genes themselves have memories, swtiches

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    Genes themselves have memories, swtiches, that could be turned on or off in one person `s lifetime, and passed on to that person `s offsprings.

    evidences are
    1) grandparents that experienced famine, is correlated with reduced life expectancy of grandchildrens

    2) People who are conceived by IVF experience are correlated with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

    what do you think about this?
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    This I would have to see studies on.

    There does seem to be some slight increase in occurence, but not overwhelming. Although the reasoning behind the "why" is feasable.

    "A recent trend among in vitro fertilization practitioners may be exacerbating potential problems caused by the embryo culture. Traditionally, embryos are implanted into the mother after a day or so in culture, when the embryo has divided only a few times. In the past few years, more clinics have been growing eggs for about five days to a more advanced embryo known as a blastocyst in an effort to select the best and sturdiest embryos and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

    "This could potentially be exposing the embryos even more to conditions that could have a long-term health impact," said John Eppig, senior staff scientist at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.

    Scientists suspect that abnormalities may be more likely in cases of intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in which sperm cells are injected directly into the egg. The procedure, pioneered in the 1990s, is used in cases of male sterility.

    Some studies have suggested that rates of abnormalities may be higher in children conceived by this method because the mechanics of the procedure, or the immaturity of the injected sperm that are sometimes used, disrupt the delicate regulation of genes that takes place in a developing embryo."


    People are having children that should not naturally be having children. And we are doing this because we "can" in order to make a lot of money, not because we understand "why, or the implications".
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    I think about this article, and i wonder what precisely does it mean by the word "manipulation". You have manipulation in the sense than a grandparents stress level can actually trigger genes to go on or off, or the use of physical manipulation of the embryos could triggers those switches to turn on or off. what is the precise mechanism by which genes are turn on or off ?
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    Are you trying to talk about creationism ?
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