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Getting ahead of the semester in physics.

  1. Dec 21, 2015 #1
    Hello all, I am a second semester mechanical engineering student looking to get a jump start on the semester. I'm taking General Physics one and I'm a little concerned about it. I have almost no experience with Physics, except for an introductory engineering class last semester where we touched on vector algebra, heat, and circuits.The exact course description (of General Physics one) is "Classical & Relativistic mechanics, heat, and mechanical waves", and I know that it'll be calculus-based physics. I'm looking for any free online resources, or the titles of books I might be able to find in my public/university library. Anything free that will help me learn physics. Thanks in advance!
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    What text will you be using for the course?

    Classical mechanics is the bread and butter of mechanical engineers, you'll need to learn it well. You should buy the text you'll be using for the course and looking it over while you wait for the session to start.
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    Youtube mit 8.01. Watch lectures by Walter Lewin, best mechanics lectures I have watched. Then you just have to find some good problems to solve. I'd do what Student100 says and find out what book you're using and go through those.
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