Global warming problems or Michael Crighton is too tall

V&layout=std In summary, the climate debate in New York the other day resulted in a victory for the alarmists. However, the undecideds remain unconvinced, and the hardcore ambivalent still exist.f
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We haven't discussed that climate debate in New York the other day about the motion:

"Global warming is not a crisis."

If it wasn't for the posture of Michael Crighton, the alarmists may have won according to Gavin Schmidt:

But they didn't.

The full transcript: [Broken]

The wrap up:

...And now the results of our debate. After our debaters did their best to sway you…you went from, 30% for the motion that global warming is not a crisis, from 30% to 46%. Against the motion, went from 57% to 42%… And ―undecided went from 13% to 12%. The hardcore ambivalent are still among us. So, in terms of opinion change, those in favor of the motion, have carried the day,..

For our USA friends the debate will be aired at:

WNYC at (23 Mar 2:00PM) all local times, not GMT

KQED at (28 Mar 8:00PM)

KJZZ at (25 Mar 3:00PM)

WDUQ at (8 Apr 6:00PM)
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Very nice, Andre, this looks like something that deserves a through look-at.
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Right, Mac, lots of food for thoughts there. About Gavin's point system for instance. Avoid the most dangerous discussion by making it ridiculous. The more dangerous, the more points. A most exemplary fallacy. Curiously enough, the same Gavin cautions against fallacies. It's a strange world.
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I'd still like to know if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reviewed the reports you cited in "The great Global Warming Swindle".

Right, okay, formally we don't know. The Summary for Policy makers of the fourth assessment report does not mention it and the report itself is not redressed yet to the new political wishes.

Informal we can predict with a rather high accuracy that those type of scientific research results are ignored/disdained like this one for instance: [Broken]

about directly produced warming effects affecting the temp records, opposing the greenhouse effect.
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