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The Global Television Network (more commonly called Global, or occasionally Global TV) is a Canadian English-language terrestrial television network. It is currently Canada's second most-watched private terrestrial television network after CTV, and has fifteen owned-and-operated stations throughout the country. Global is owned by Corus Entertainment — the media holdings of JR Shaw and other members of his family.
Global has its origins in a regional television station of the same name, serving Southern Ontario, which launched in 1974. The Ontario station was soon purchased by the now-defunct CanWest Global Communications, and that company gradually expanded its national reach in the subsequent decades through both acquisitions and new station launches, building up a quasi-network of independent stations, known as the CanWest Global System, until the stations were unified under the Ontario station's branding in 1997.

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  1. S

    I Consequences of the absence of global symmetries...?

    I found some interesting discussions in this site (e.g: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/smolin-lessons-from-einsteins-discovery.849464/; https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/relatismo-to-the-max.83885/) which are related to Lee Smolin's ideas that laws are not immutable and can therefore...
  2. tworitdash

    A Finding Global Minima in Likelihood Functions

    I have a likelihood function that has one global minima, but a lot of local ones too. I attach a figure with the likelihood function in 2D (it has two parameters). I have added a 3D view and a surface view of the likelihood function. I know there are many global optimizers that can be used to...
  3. H

    I Global evolution of a Bell pair of photons

    Hi Pfs, consider a pair of maximally entangled photons where the total momentum is null and the same thing for the total angular momentum. I suppose that this pair is like an universe: nothing outside the pair acts on it except maybe a device for the measurement of these two properties (no local...
  4. S

    Consequences of global climate change

    It is known, that due to global warming, the average temperature on Earth over the past 100 years has increased by 1.2 degrees. At the same time, I heard that earlier the temperature of the Earth was 7 degrees higher than the current one. I do not deny the danger of global warming, because I...
  5. S

    I Could a bubble shield at L1 combat global warming?

  6. shivajikobardan

    Engineering What is difference between solar radiation and global radiation?

    Solar radiation-: it is em radiation emitted by son. it is short wave radiation. it comes in many forms. 1) visible light 2) radio waves 3) infrared 4) x rays 5) uv rays Global radiation-: it is sum of direct and diffuse radiation arriving at a ground. What are the differences between these two?
  7. phoenix-anna

    I Applications of the proposed global quantum network of clocks

    Physicists have proposed linking a global network of cesium clocks in a phase-coherent entangled state, for example in the article A Quantum Network of Clocks (arXiv:131045v1). My audience would like to know how better synchronization or more accurate timekeeping would lead to advances in our...
  8. moriah

    Methane and Global Warming

    Methane and hydrogen sulfide are supposed to be heavier then air, thus why they remain in low lying areas. I am to believe that only when they begin to disintegrate, they rise into the atmosphere. So my question is, if these gases are already disintegrated, how can they be so formidable?
  9. P

    A Global vs. Local (gauge) Symmetry

    Gauge symmetry is highly confusing, partly because many definitions differ in the literature. Strictly speaking gauge symmetry should be called gauge redundancy since you are mapping multiple representations to the same physical state. What is your favourite definition of what "large" gauge...
  10. cianfa72

    I Global simultaneity surfaces - how to adjust proper time?

    Hi, searching on PF I found this old post Global simultaneity surfaces. I read the book "General Relativity for Mathematicians"- Sachs and Wu section 2.3 - Reference frames (see the page attached). They define a congruence of worldlines as 'proper time synchronizable' iff there exist a...
  11. P

    A Proving the Equivalence of Local and Global Maxima for Concave Functions

    Consider the following theorem: Theorem: Let ##f## be a concave differentiable function and let ##g## be a concave function. Then: ##y \in argmax_{x} {f(x)+g(x)}## if and only if ##y \in argmax_{x} {f(y)+f'(y)(x-y)+g(x)}.## The intuition is that local maxima and global maxima coincide for...
  12. A

    Mathematics Behind Global Currency as a Wealth Inequality Regulation System

    I've no political agenda. This is strictly a math question about optimization. Those addressing it should do so strictly from a mathematical perspective. Thank you! If the world simply had one global currency, like Bitcoin, and everyone had an account, then the sum total of all accounts...
  13. jim mcnamara

    Exploring the Protein Diversity of 4n Wheat: A Global View of Pasta-Making

    @Bystander @fresh_42 pasta is normally made from tetraploid wheat ( 4n = 4 sets of chromosomes, humans are diploid with 2 sets. ) Semolina and durum are names you will encounter for 4n wheat cultivars. 6n (hexaploid) wheat is so-called bread wheat or sometimes modern wheat. 4n wheat crops...
  14. cianfa72

    I Global coordinate chart on a 2-sphere

    Hi, I know there is actually no way to set up a global coordinate chart on a 2-sphere (i.e. we cannot find a family of 2-parameter curves on a 2-sphere such that two nearby points on it have nearby coordinate values on ##\mathbb R^2## and the mapping is one-to-one). So, from a formal...
  15. F

    How to correctly use the "global" keyword in Python

    Hello, I am learning about functions and namespaces and I have a question about the keyword global. Variables defined inside a function are local variables and cannot be used outside of the function by the rest of the program (by using the return keyword, we can assign the value of a local...
  16. hrvojezujic

    Creating a Global Climate Calendar

    Is it possible to create a two-seasonal global climate calendar as a statistical model of some physical property of Earth's upper air, independent from interacting factors such as topography, elevation, latitude, nearby water, ocean currents, vegetation and prevailing winds? The beginning of the...
  17. S

    I Explaining Quantum States: Global Phase

    I was teaching the basics of quantum states and was showing the students that an arbitrary state in a quantum two-level system could be written as ##|\psi\rangle = C_1 |+\rangle + C_2 |-\rangle = R_1 |+\rangle + R_2 e^{i \alpha} |-\rangle##, with {##C_i##} complex and {##R_i##} real. Then...
  18. cianfa72

    I About global inertial frames in GR

    Hi, starting from this thread Principle of relativity for proper accelerating frame of reference I'm convincing myself of some misunderstanding about what a global inertial frame should actually be. In GR we take as definition of inertial frame (aka inertial coordinate system or inertial...
  19. M

    MHB Local & Global Extrema of $f$

    Hey ! :giggle: Let $f:\mathbb{R}^2\rightarrow \mathbb{R}^2$, $f(x,y)=\sin^2(x)\cdot \cos^2(y)$. - Show that $f$ has at $\left (\frac{\pi}{2}, 0\right )$ a strictly local maximum and that is also a global maximum. - Determine all points at which $f$ gets its global minimum. I have sone...
  20. I

    What size is the Global Stiffness Matrix in this Example?

    does this Beam, composed of three elements and 4 nodes(considering lateral deflections and slopes) has an 8x8 global stifness matrix and if so is the global matrix calculated the same way as a 6x6 stifness matrix for the same kind of beam but only with two elements and 3 nodes
  21. imotta

    Earth's Rotation & Global Agriculture: Impact & Possibilities

    How much will this phenomenon affect the Earth's rotation? Is it possible that the change in the Earth's rotation movement will significantly affect agricultural production on a global scale, for example?
  22. .Scott

    Global Detection & Tracking any Aircraft Anywhere Anytime spots MH370

    The "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter" (WSPR) has been used in combination with other tracking methods by Richard Godfrey to refine the initial path of flight MH370 in March 2014. That flight disappeared in the Indian Ocean and two extensive underwater searches were unable to locate it. WSPR...
  23. J

    Model with SU(2) gauge symmetry and SO(3) global symmetry

    1.) The rule for the global ##SO(3)## transformation of the gauge vector field is ##A^i_{\mu} \to \omega_{ij}A^j_{\mu}## for ##\omega \in SO(3)##. The proof is by direct calculation. First, if ##A^i_{\mu} \to \omega_{ij}A^j_{\mu}## then ##F^i_{\mu \nu} \to \omega_{ij}F^j_{\mu\nu}##, so...
  24. anorlunda

    New Global Map Projection

    A recent thread Why Grid North doesn't agree with True North on maps had a lot of discussion on map projections. Here is a new contender for best way to project the globe in 2D. I am interested in their claim. "distances across oceans or across poles are both accurate and easy to measure."...
  25. Greg Bernhardt

    Half a century of global decline in oceanic sharks and rays

  26. Mayhem

    I Finding global minima of nth degree polynomials

    Is it possible (read: reasonably easy) to find global minima of an nth degree polynomial of the general form $$a_nx^n + a_{n-1}x^{n-1} ... a_2x^2 +a_1x + a_0 = 0$$ It seems to have applications in computational chemistry as I have a "hunch" that polynomial regression could be used to somewhat...
  27. B

    Online School during this global pandemic?

    Is anyone opting for online schooling, during this global pandemic ?
  28. jk22

    I Nomenclature : global or constant phase

    Is the phase factor in : ##e^{i\phi}\Psi(x)## a constant or a global phase factor called ?
  29. nomadreid

    Johns Hopkins Global Security Index

    I emphasize that I am not posing a rhetorical question, and am not trying to make a political statement (and would ask all respondents to steer clear of politics), but would genuinely appreciate knowing whether the report in question is considered valid by those in the field who are impartial...
  30. Dr. Courtney

    Admissions April 4 PGRE Cancellations: Local, US, or Global?

    Some students I mentor in the SE US have reported that their local PGRE has been cancelled, but additional info is hard to come by. They are trying to find out if it is still being offered on that date at other locations. What do y'all know? Anyone know of a location in the US where it is...
  31. Hiero

    What is the true meaning of temperature? Is it global or local?

    Temperature is often imagined as a scalar field varying over (physical) space. Yet temperature seems to be generally defined as the (reciprocal) rate of change (with fixed V,N) of the entropy of a system w.r.t. the energy of that system; a seemingly global property. Is this definition only for...
  32. T

    I Functional equations as global formulas

    In page 9 it says: "It is interesting to note that Riemann does not speak of the “analytic continuation” of the function beyond the halfplane Re s > 1, but speaks rather of finding a formula for it which “remains valid for all s.” [...]. The view of analytic continuation in terms of chains of...
  33. 256bits

    Project Drawdown - Plan to Reverse Global Warming

    Usually it is just about the nasty oil, and goodness of electricity. Of the 100 solutions Project Drawdown has listed, some would not even be considered along with the more commonly known by the public at large https://www.drawdown.org/ From cultivation of rice ( number one crop of the world )...
  34. BigDumDum

    Fluid Dynamics and Global Warming

    Almost 90% of all humanity lives in the Northern hemisphere. Due to colonization, expansion, growth, war, water sources, etc. we have amassed our populations in specific areas around the Northern hemisphere. We continue to build at an unprecedented rate. Our buildings are growing wider, taller...
  35. M

    Global Positioning System / Clocks in Space

    I'm a bit lost at how to exactly start this exercise... As far as I understand we need to first determine ##d\tau_E## and ##d\tau_S##. First question: Since we can neglect the Earth's movement, can I also neglect the movement of the satellite with respect to the far away observer? If so, I...
  36. Jason Bennett

    Lie group global properties

    1) How do we determine a Lie group's global properties when the manifold that it represents is not immediately obvious? Allow me to give the definitions I am working with. A Lie group G is a differentiable manifold G which is also a group, such that the group...
  37. D

    Global Parameters in Octave?

    I'm trying to do a fairly complete system analysis script in Octave that involves these steps: 1) Assign values to all fixed system parameters 2) Make various preliminary calculations based on system parameters 3) Solve a system of differential equations 4) Make various post-ODE solution...
  38. Heikki Tuuri

    A Does anyone know asymmetric dynamic global solutions to Einstein eqs?

    https://link.springer.com/article/10.12942/lrr-2005-6 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exact_solutions_in_general_relativity http://www.numdam.org/article/SEDP_1989-1990____A15_0.pdf A moderator removed this off-topic discussion from another thread. Does anyone on the Physics Forums have...
  39. S

    Has a change in the cosmic rays hitting Earth been causing Global Warming?

    I found this link off of a politically charged website (of the persuasion to deny that Global Warming exists), so I am apt to be skeptical. (The website is hosted at the Northern Marianna Islands, making me even more suspicious.)...
  40. I

    New study about the rise in global sea levels (an input)

    ESL: Since valuable discussions are being made and then threads closed, here is an input: Melting ice to liquid water, will gather around equator because of gravity @lomidrevo
  41. A

    Solve the Global Minima Problem in Two Variable Functions

    I'm always struggling understand how to determine if a two variable function has global minima, I know that if I find a local minima and the function is convex than the local minima is also a global minima, in this case is really difficult to determine if the function is convex. Sorry if I...
  42. M

    Ending global warming with Maxwell's demon

    As a start for discussion I'd like to make the following bold claim: Both the problems of enough usable energy and global warming can be resolved by implementing Maxwell's demon on a large scale. To justify this bold statement somewhat, I'd like to point to a (relatively) recent...
  43. lomidrevo

    New study about the rise in global sea levels

    Here is the BBC article, I've read today. Conclusion from the original study: This sounds really alarming to me.
  44. Grinkle

    What might global health care be?

    Are there any studies that explore what an affordable level of global health care potentially looks like? EG - Can the human race afford potable water and sewage for all humans? If so, can we then afford making aspirin available to all humans (if that were next)? If so ... Etc. At a macro...
  45. S

    B Wouldn't fusion reactors also cause global warming?

    A fusion reactors releases a lots of energy. Most of this energy will end up as thermal energy after it has been used by the consumers. Wouldn't this heat up the earth? People use the energy to run cookers, drive cars, light up houses, etc. This energy (99%?) will end up as thermal energy where...
  46. C

    Global Ice melt and heat balance

    Can anyone point to a refereed paper exploring the heat absorbed by melting around 500 GT of ie per year (Antarctic - 127 GT pa; Greenland 286 GT pa; sea ice, glaciers estim. 100 GT pa)? As latent heat of fusion is 333.55 KJoules per Kg, I reckon the heat absorbed per year is around 1.67 X 1023...
  47. Wi_N

    Finding Global Max and Min values of an Absolute Function

    Homework Statement y=0.5x^3 - abs(1-3x), [-2,2] The Attempt at a Solution So i found the min value y(-2)=-11 and i found lokal min at x=sqrt2 There is a sharp max somewhere around x=0.3 but i cannot for the life of me find how to get that point. Also i wrote there is only 1 local min and...
  48. kyphysics

    Does Global Warming Impact Locales Causing it More?

    We know that greenhouse gases are the biggest cause of global warming and that the Earth has gotten warmer and warmer over the past few decades. Question: Since not all locales produce greenhouse gases (namely, carbon dioxide) equally, are the effects of global warming distributed more to...
  49. FallenApple

    I Local Sampling vs Global Sampling

    So from what I understand from my readings in Shankar's QM book, in the preface, that Newton's Laws give a particle some local sampling of the gravitational field around it and then decides where to move next based on the current step and that the sequential sum of all the path segments(...