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News Golan Heights peacekeepers detained

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    So most of the world is appalled by Syria's response to the uprising and the Syrian government probably doesn't really like having UN peacekeepers witnessing what's happening in Syria ....

    And Syrian rebels are holding the UN peacekeepers hostage until the Syrian government gives in to their demands?!

    I'd be sweating bullets right now if I were one of the UN peacekeepers, or at least I'd be wishing I could sweat bullets, because I just have this feeling that the Syrian government isn't going to be very traumatized by the death of the UN peacekeepers.
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    The Syrian government still gets the blame? These thugs are committing more or less the same crimes committed by the government, yet we don't want the say anything about it because we are brainwashed by the puppet media and corrupt governments. When it comes to Syria, the terrorists are the good guys.
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    Please remember rules for P&WA. If you make a claim, you must cite your source; otherwise, label your statement as your opinion.

    I realize the situation in Syria is fluid and good sources may be hard to find. Emotions on both sides are running high. But we don't allow speculation here.
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    I agree, so many innocents get caught in the crossfire, and not just this one. It's heartbreaking.
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    That has nothing to do with the topic. Thread closed.
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