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Good experimental/dream-like authors and artists

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    any good stuff u guys know? experimental music/movies/books/visual art/other ... stuff that has an experimental edge but is still fun to listen to or read or watch... I guess all art is experimental, or else you're doing something wrong. So I guess the right word is surreal— stuff that isn't "quite right" :biggrin:

    I checked out some book and music recommendations from PF members from other topics and enjoyed very much some of them. I just yesterday got the book "Flowers For Algernon" that was recommended and it's incredible so far— it's been a while since I'm so into a book that I almost finish it on one sitting.

    here's some stuff I'd recommend:

    - about 50% of Frank Zappa's stuff (you really have to dig, he's got like 60 albums... a lot of it is too much weird... but a lot of it is absolutely beautiful (and funny) too).
    - Tera Melos -- AMAZING instrumental band that you'll probably never hear of. check out their self titled album and their myspace, well worth the purchase.
    - Menomena -- experimental indie pop rock. really fun, they still have to grow a bit, but it's really great stuff.
    - The Mars Volta and Radiohead and Pink Floyd obviously...

    Books: I haven't found too many surreal authors very impressive other than the Safran foer, Lewis Carroll, Joyce, and all those that everyone probably already knows of... most just read like every other "experimental" author, or are just annoying. so I really want to find some good ones!

    Movies: the machinist, a scanner darkly, memento, waking life, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, ryan, donnie darko, brazil, requiem for a dream, pi, fight club, american psycho, paranoia 1.0, magnolia, spider, punch drunk love, the fly, one hour photo
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    I'd recommened The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time written by Mark Hammond. I found that new and interesting.
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    I quite like the surreal and Chris Morris, an english satirist made a very surreal short film called "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aJGHGrhsgw"".

    He also did some very surreal and black comedy on TV and radio called Blue Jam and Jam respectively. Well worth a look.
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