What is Authors: Definition and 29 Discussions

An author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play, and is also considered a writer. More broadly defined, an author is "the person who originated or gave existence to anything" and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

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  1. BWV

    Almost 9000 authors on this paper

    8778 authors - curious how they coordinated that https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03583443
  2. gleem

    Papers with fewer authors are more disruptive

    Avoid large groups to be a disruptive scientist so says an article in Physics World. Big groups are more impactful having more citations than papers with fewer authors, building on current research and concentrating on near term goals.
  3. R

    Other Question about the number of authors on a paper and how this....

    ... effects the first author.I am in the process of completing my writing for my PhD and will be submitting my papers to the journal shortly. I would like to understand more how the number of authors on a paper affects the viewed contribution of the first author.I have two situations at...
  4. R

    Exploring the Intersection of Science and Fiction: A Writer's Perspective

    Hi, gang. Thanks for letting me join. Being that I am an author rather than an expert in physics, perhaps you wonder what drives me to join this forum. It is as simple as the need for new and current science fiction or fantasy story ideas. Thus I track the current conversations in most every...
  5. scottdave

    Ursula K. LeGuin has passed away

    Ursula K. LeGuin, SciFi/Fantasy author, has passed away Jan. 22. I read only one of her novels: The Left Hand of Darkness, which I enjoyed. Here is her obituary. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/23/obituaries/ursula-k-le-guin-acclaimed-for-her-fantasy-fiction-is-dead-at-88.html Here is an...
  6. H

    Suggestion for authors who write good papers

    Dear the people of Physics Forums, I want to improve my English writing skills. I would like some suggestions on authors or papers that I can refer to for writing good, understandable, and concise academic papers. At the same time, I want them to be accurate and natural as English. It would be...
  7. Hoverdasher

    How Can I Control Buckyballs Using Electrostatics in My Novel?

    I am completing a science fiction novel. The novel takes place in a universe that is twin to ours. Two children and a bitter maid--via scientific accident--were scanned and copied through a tear (created by resonance) in the membrane separating this universe and my make believe universe. In...
  8. O

    Is having a surname beginning with “A” a big advantage? (journal article authors)

    I read that in some fields the authors of research papers are ordered alphabetically, and therefore having a surname with the letter “A” may give us an advantage since we would be among the first authors (and the first authors get more recognition than the others). Is having a surname which...
  9. grauitate

    New valuation of ΛCDM Cosmology by 41 authors....

    P.Bull, Y. Akrami, et al. "Beyond ΛCDM: Problems, solutions, and the road ahead" 77 pages + 517 references arXiv:1512.05356 Written not without humour: e.g. pg. 67: "As Tom Shanks once said, there are only two things wrong with ΛCDM: Λ and CDM." " ΛCDM is like Hotel California: it is very...
  10. Khatti

    Science Reading List for Science Fiction Authors

    This question is for the scientists and academics out there. What books on the scientific disciplines do you wish Science Fiction writers would read? I can think of books written by people like Brian Epstein and Michio Kaku. Another source would be textbooks. Anyone out there have any thoughts...
  11. Pythagorean

    Failing to Replicate: How Often Do PLOS Authors Publish Negative Results?

    How often does this happen? It seems like something that should happen more! http://neuro.plos.org/2014/10/13/this-weeks-most-discussed-plos-neuroscience-article-the-influence-of-partner-specific-memory-associations-on-picture-naming-a-failure-to-replicate/
  12. V

    Favorite Authors: Larry Niven, Harry Harrison and Jim Butcher

    There is a pinned thread on favorite books but do you have any authors that you would read anything they wrote, can you reread their works and get more out of it every time? For me if I stop reading and start looking at words but see the scenes in my head then that is good writing. My...
  13. K

    Exploring Old Math Textbooks: Where to Find & Recommended Authors

    I came across an old math book written in the 1930-40s on number theory. I became very impressed with the detail in which the book went into the subject. In comparison to the textbooks available currently, it consisted of mostly worded text. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some old...
  14. S

    Exploring Mathematics: Women Authors in the Field

    I have a substantial mathematics library. Perusing my collection, however, I noticed that none of the book authors were women. I find the lack of prominent female authors in mathematics to be disturbing, both in my libabrary and in the literature in general. So can any of you recommend me...
  15. Ascendant78

    How To Distinguish Between Credible Authors?

    Long story short, I just started going to college for a major in physics and I am looking to expand my knowledge. I have read a handful of books, but it has been a while due to time constraints (very long story). Most of what I read was from Stephen Hawking, Einstein, and Michio Kaku. I went to...
  16. G

    What does it mean when math text authors use the word pathological ?

    What does it mean when math text authors use the word "pathological"? I have an example right in front of me in fact, but I'm sure you have seen this word before. I've seen it in a few other textbooks, and I'm pretty sure those books were also grad level math related subjects, just can't recall...
  17. C

    Articles with dozens or hundreds of authors

    Hi all, I am looking for examples of peer reviewed, published articles in scholarly journals which have many, many authors and/or signatories. I am involved in a different field, but have read that research articles and response letters in the field of physics may, at times, have dozens or...
  18. P

    Uncovering the Truth Behind the Founders of Relativity: A Comprehensive Analysis

    Who are the authors of relativity theory? From Wikipedia: "[Nikola] Tesla also believed that much of Albert Einstein's relativity theory had already been proposed by Ruđer Bošković, stating in an unpublished interview: ...the relativity theory, by the way, is much older than its...
  19. N

    Studying Clarifying with authors of textbooks.

    Hi, Is it a good idea to clarify doubts in a textbook with the authors themselves? These authors are generally professors in universities. Would they find it offensive? Thanks.
  20. B

    Many authors and lecturers use the word approximate.

    Many authors and lecturers use the word approximate. It is not mathematically to say something is close to another... I'm wondering what is the definition of approximate.
  21. S

    Cost free physics journals for authors?

    Cost free physics journals for authors?? if i m not wrong Journals like Physics review a,b,c,d charge from authors to publish papers. But is there good journals which don't charge from authors? What about Journal of High energy physics and European physics journal? Do they also charge? :rolleyes:
  22. T

    Publishing a Book: Tips and Tricks from Experienced Authors

    Hey, Anyone here have any experience with publishing books? I wrote a book and am trying to get it published. Any Tips / tricks on how to go about the thing? :wink:
  23. D

    Enlist Multiple Authors for a Research Paper?

    I have an idea for a research paper. Given sufficient free time, I'm fully capable of writing this paper by myself. For some reason most papers seem to have multiple authors. Are there any good reasons why I should attempt to enlist others to make contributions to this paper?
  24. marcus

    Another paper helping to clarify expansion-congrats, authors :-)

    another paper helping to clarify expansion--congrats, authors :-) http://arxiv.org/abs/0707.2106 Coordinate Confusion in Conformal Cosmology Geraint F. Lewis, Matthew J. Francis, Luke A. Barnes, J. Berian James 5 pages, accepted for publication in MNRAS Letters (Submitted on 13 Jul 2007) "A...
  25. moe darklight

    Good experimental/dream-like authors and artists

    any good stuff u guys know? experimental music/movies/books/visual art/other ... stuff that has an experimental edge but is still fun to listen to or read or watch... I guess all art is experimental, or else you're doing something wrong. So I guess the right word is surreal— stuff that isn't...
  26. TheStatutoryApe

    William Ashbless: A Fictional Poet by Tim Powers & James Blaylock

    Tim Powers and James Blaylock went beyond the nom de plume and created the poet William Ashbless apparently as a response (or prank) to the poets printed in the Cal State Fullerton magazine of their time. Since then Mr. Ashbless has made cameos in books by both writers. Two books have been...
  27. cronxeh

    Authors of books on wisdom and life

    Ok so as I'm reading various reviews on books by various authors, I get this weird question popping in my mind - where do they get off with their pompous proclamation of sagacity? Have they accomplished something ground breaking? Have they told a story that explains something? What do you...
  28. I

    Calling All Authors: Share Writing Experiences

    Has anyone here ever written a book, is writing a book, or once tried to write a book and got frustrated with it? Well, I am in the process of the latter, and I have paused for a little while (more like abandoned the book for about a couple months :biggrin: ) and I don't know how to get back...
  29. S

    Famous Short Story Authors From Abroad

    Does anyone know any famous SHORT STORY authors who are from any country BUT NOT england, france, ireland, scotland, or north america? thanx